Dr. AnnEMarie Dorland Is A brand strategist and creativity researcher obsessed with developing enhanced CREATIVE CAPACITies in ORGANIZATIONS, CLASSROOMS AND COMMUNITIES.

The question of how organizations and teams can develop the creative capacity they need to innovate and succeed in the digital economy is becoming increasingly critical for Canada’s private sector, public and educational institutions. However, our understanding of what the key performance indicators of creatively capable organizations and teams might be, how we can develop creative capacity skills in different sectors and communities, and which creative capacities have the most impact on innovation practices remains an under explored area of study, especially within the Canadian context. How do innovation seeking organizations and teams develop, enhance and deploy their creative capacities? Which models of creative capacity enhancement have the greatest impact on the development of innovative organizations, and what are the key characteristics of creatively capable organizations who are ready for a more innovative future?

Together with undergraduate students from Mount Royal University, Dr. AnneMarie Dorland explores the development of creative capacity inside and outside the creative economy. Her program of research forms the foundation for the Creative Capacity Development Lab, which provides academic, private sector, public sector and industry partners with new evidence-based scales to benchmark and understand their own creative capacities and with new resources and tools that they can use to enhance the creativity of teams and individuals.

To find out more about Dr. AnneMarie Dorland’s research into how organizations, classrooms and communities can enhance their creative capacity, or to learn more about the teaching and learning resources available on this site contact adorland@mtroyal.ca.

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My program of research explores the practices that organizations, teams and classrooms use to enhance their creativity, their innovation and their preparedness for the future. I am particularly interested in the unique practices of workers in the creative economy, with a key focus on how creative thinkers like artists, designers, photographers and branding professionals solve problems and work collaboratively. An underlying theme of my research program is how the creativity relevant processes of the creative economy are adopted and adapted by others to help them overcome barriers to creativity, to develop meaningful learning experiences, to nurture innovation and leadership, and to help communities and organizations create change.

What does this look like? I use qualitative research methodologies (including interviews, ethnographic field work and participatory or design action research) to investigate how students, teachers, leaders, scientists, coaches, doctors and change-makers work creatively. I share what I learn here, in research publications and through Open Educational Resources that primarily focus on bringing what I’ve learned from creative teams from different fields into the university classroom space.

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